Day: 7月 18, 2021

Beautiful northwest ministry is successive high temperature evens more 40 days to produce hill fire smother more to envelop

In ­   report will occupy new network on August 6 beautiful intermediary report, american northwest ministry evens more 40 days continuously high temperature, national scene bureau gives out torrid weather to warn to the many areas such as Russian Le Gang, Washington114夜网论坛 city, California, each district produces even more 40 cases in all hill fire, smother envelops big area. ­   it is reported, average temperature is elegant plan summer on the west centigrade 25 degrees, but place was as high as 35.6 degrees recently, break 30 years ago 32.2 degrees of records, heat w重庆夜品茶网ave is as long as 47 days continuously. Before ­   has a dweller, go to swim pool, library and theater disappear heat, sales volume of 114夜网论坛air conditioning machine is added urgently, door of Department of Transportation shuts the university bridge 重庆夜品茶网that has 100 years of histories for two times, drop in temperature to bridge aspersion, in case metallic be heated expands, your construction is damaged. ­   local time on August 3, portland air temperature is as high as 40.6 degrees, approach 41.7 all through the ages is highest degrees. Abound the doctor of urgent disease Virgo of travel hill experience so that the city has, when hill of big gorge travel midway gets lost 1 day, because heat up e东莞夜生活论坛xhaustion,die finally. Bureau of scene of co西安夜生活论坛untry of ­   United States appe重庆夜生活论坛als the public reduces outdoors activity, proper and compensatory water is divided.[……]


Xi Jinping interviews Czech president Ze Man: Want humanitarian communicating to begin more

Be used to of electric state chairman will make the same score Shanghai of Xinhua News Agency 5 days to interview Czech president Ze Man in Shanghai nearly on November 5. On November 5, national chairman Xi Jinping interviews Czech president Ze Man in Shanghai. Yan Bo of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is ancient photograph Xi Jinping to point out, in nimble tradition is friendly, bilateral relationship has deep popular wishes to prop up with foundation of extensive and common interest. In March 2016, I have state visit to Czech, the nimble in be being signed jointly with presidential gentleman builds strategic associate to concern to state jointly, open bilateral relationship new page. Initiate all the way in 武汉夜网论坛one belt lead continuously and China – collaboration of country of middle east Europe is driven ceaselessly below, nimble relationship appears full-scale development impetus in, face capacious prospect. Xi Jinping emphasizes, both sides should deepen each other letter above all, consolidate ceaselessly and maintain the political base that good two countries concerns. Both sides already built one belt to plan to cooperate mainly all the way in all domain and direction, want to ma长沙夜网论坛ke more new window and big project, more collaboration is begun in the domain such as business affairs of traffic, the sour重庆夜品茶网ces of energy, electron, artificial intelligence. Want humanitarian communicating to begin more. Progress of concern of the Europe in just expecting nimble j[……]